When your loved one is admitted to a nursing home care center, it’s not uncommon for their family to not see them as much. Sometimes, the family is responding to months or years of stress and care that preceded the admission. Other times, they fear that frequent visits will make adjustment difficult. In some cases, they are just too preoccupied with their own life (work, family, etc…).

Regardless of the reasons why most families stay away, it’s safe to say that it is the wrong thing to do. When you make the effort to stay involved with your loved one, it can go a long way towards helping them stay happy and healthy. As you well know, no one ever wants to be lonely or feel forgotten. Understand that anger and sadness are emotions that have direct negative effects on health and wellness, and while those feelings are probably unavoidable to some extent, regular visits can help.

When you visit the nursing home often, your loved one benefits by having one more concerning set of eyes around. Although we have staff at Glen Island Care Center that’s caring and tentative, they may grow accustomed to seeing sickness in our patients, so new illnesses or injuries may go unnoticed until they become serious.

Beyond that, there are other health reasons for checking in regularly. Through experience, our residents who have frequent visitors appear to be much happier and friendlier. A nursing home resident who is kind and upbeat is more likely to engage in regular dialog with staff members. Studies in hospitals have shown that friendly patients get better care and more attention. If your loved one spends his or her days feeling angry and resentful, the unfortunate truth is that staff may not be inclined to spend as much time around him or her.

When you do visit us at Glen Island Center, there are steps you can take to make the most of your time here. If one of our nurses is around, you can always ask how your loved one is doing. He or she should be able to tell you about general health and temperament, as well as the kind of activities your loved one has been taking part in.

Now that you know why you should stay involved with your loved one at a nursing home care, we believe you can now make the best decision by visiting them on a regular basis. Here at Glen Island Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation, we provide excellent nursing care such as short-term rehabilitation care, dementia care, as well as other services. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality nursing care in a trusting and comfortable environment and treat every patient as if they are a part of our family. We are very transparent when it comes to our nursing care services and you can ask us any questions about our facilities.

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