nursing homes in Westchester County NY

If you are faced with the challenge of choosing elderly care accommodations for your loved ones, you may be wondering if you need to enroll them into a retirement home or nursing homes in Westchester County NY. In this post, we’ll explain the difference between the two types of residential care for your elders.

Retirement Home

A retirement home will not offer the same level of medical healthcare as a nursing home. These types of facilities more often cater to providing only general personal and custodial care. Care assistants will help residents with things like getting dressed, taking baths, toileting and moving around. Also, a retirement home provides many activities in a very social environment to help keep your loved ones engaged with other residents. Companionship can play a major role in a retirement home, where elders who have been living alone, have the opportunity to have company. However, a retirement home will not provide 24-7 medical healthcare treatment which we believe is a necessity, but will often provide routine medications as well as a licensed physician on call should the need arise.

A retirement home, therefore, is more suited for your loved ones who are still fairly active and not suffering from any conditions that require immediate and specific daily medical treatment.

Nursing Home

A nursing home offers specialist medical healthcare and full-time nursing care by licensed nursing professionals who can provide general personal care for your loved ones. A nursing home has qualified nurses in the facilities at all times to make sure adequate medical care can be administered when or if your loved one needs it. A registered nursing home will also have a licensed medical physician on staff, who will oversee your loved one’s treatment.

Nursing homes are often a required step for your elders following a hospital stay, where 24-7 nursing treatment, is still a necessity. Also, nursing homes may be the best option if your loved ones have a degenerative medical condition that is going to require on-going treatment.

Many elders try to resist being placed in a nursing home as they feel it is the end of their life’s journey. However, nursing homes can be very homely, friendly, and caring places for your loved ones who need around-the-clock care.

Now that you know the difference between retirement homes and nursing homes in Westchester County NY, we believe you can now make the best, informed decision for your loved ones. At Glen Island Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation, we provide excellent nursing care such as short-term rehabilitation care, respite care, dementia care, and other services. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality nursing care in a trusting and comfortable environment and treat every patient as if they are a part of our family.

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