Why Glen Island Center's Senior Respite Care NYC?

The customized, individualized health care management approach will include, as needed:
  • Our Culture is Founded on Compassion
  • Quality Nursing Staff 24/7
  • Picturesque Water Views
  • Onsite Beauty Parlor, Barber and Seamstress
  • Intimate Knowledge of Our Patient Needs
  • Warm & Friendly Caring Environment
  • We Empower Our Residents To Be Independent

The overall success and safe return to the community is the goal of all of the professional staff members of GICNR.

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    Respite Care NYC

    If you have had to take care of an ill or disabled individual at home, you are aware that it is not an easy job. There is a marked need among those who are looking after their loved ones to take care of themselves as well; they need a break from their responsibilities. Here at Glen Island, we recognize and address this need through our senior respite care program, an alternate caregiving arrangement that gives family members a temporary period of relief. It is designed to keep an incapacitated individual safe and comfortable so that their caregiver can enjoy peace of mind with that much-needed break— whether it be time for a vacation, personal health, or just to relieve stress and weariness.

    At Glen Island Center, a single short-term stay may last up to 30 days. Additional stays are possible, for a maximum of 42 days in any given year. The respite service is open to adults with subacute, chronic or terminal illnesses who require supervision, monitoring, and medication management.

    Prior to a stay in our facility for senior respite care NYC, we bring seniors and family members together to conduct an assessment. This assessment helps determine the appropriate services and care for each individual.

    Patients are admitted under several financial programs, including: self pay, private insurances, and Medicaid.

    If you’ve been to other nursing centers where you just felt like you were a number waiting to be processed, you need not worry that you will be treated this way at Glen Island Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and our Respite Care NYC facility. Our staff provides a personal touch to support our patients and make them feel as if they were at home. We’re proud of the level of care we offer, and will take every opportunity to improve.

    Our facilitate is located in historic New Rochelle, and is surrounded by beautiful landscape to explore and visit. We keep our facility in tip top shape and always make sure everything is pristinely clean. The same can be said of our grounds. We understand how important a clean, safe environment is and that is why Glen Island Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation always makes sure everything is kept in pristine condition.

    If you would like to receive more information about our senior respite care New York, our grounds, schedule a tour, or just voice and questions or concerns you have, you can contact us via our phone number at the top of this page. We would absolutely love to set up a facility tour so that you can properly get a view of our facility and grounds and decide if we are the right fit.

    We also offer long term care at our long term nursing facility.

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