Why Glen Island Center ?

The customized, individualized health care management approach will include, as needed:
  • Our Culture is Founded on Compassion
  • Quality Nursing Staff 24/7
  • Picturesque Water Views
  • Onsite Beauty Parlor, Barber and Seamstress
  • Intimate Knowledge of Our Patient Needs
  • Warm & Friendly Caring Environment
  • We Empower Our Residents To Be Independent

The overall success and safe return to the community is the goal of all of the professional staff members of GICNR.

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    NYC Occupational Therapy

    For those individuals requiring the need to regain their overall dexterity, the registered and highly skilled Occupational Therapists at GICNR will work daily on strengthening and re-gaining the level of function. This area specifically seeks to work on the fine motor skills to improve overall functionality. The therapy staff will encourage, train and work directly with each patient to ensure that the person’s highest independent level of functioning will be achieved. Our NYC occupational therapy care plan will make sure that you, the individual receive the care and respect you deserve.

    Glen Island Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation understands how important it is to respect the rights, respect, and dignity of the individual. This is why our NYC occupational therapy program is customized to suit the exact needs and requirements of every individual patient in order to ensure them the quickest, and easiest recovery possible. Our staff are highly trained, and are here to help support you in whatever way you need. In addition, our NYC occupational therapy facility is designed for top notch comfort.

    No matter what kind of therapy you need, and how long your stay is, we can provide you with the same top quality care you’ve come to expect from our nursing home and care center. Our facility is state of the art, and our grounds are beautifully designed to be as calming and stress free as possible. Call us today to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility and grounds if you or a loved on is in need of our NYC occupational therapy or any of our other services. A member of our friendly staff will be standing by to answer your call.

    We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to NYC occupational therapy, and we hope that you will consider Glen Island Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation as one of those choices. We strive to offer top quality care for all of our patients and guests. Whether you’re looking to stay short term, or longer term, our staff will be available whenever you need them. Give us a call today to speak to our staff about NYC occupation therapy, respite care NYC, or any of our other services!

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