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As a caretaker, you realize that your loved ones are progressively aging as the years go by.

You may also realize because of their age that their health care, nutritional care, day-to-day living needs, and their safety is even more important to monitor on a daily basis.

When your loved ones begin to experience memory losses and quick changes in their behavior, you become aware that they will need to be placed in a nursing home in the future.

Working a 9 to 5 job, in addition to raising a family can be tough for anyone and adding the day-to-day personal care of your loved ones with your hectic schedule can be even more unbearable.

Now you’re in a situation where there are no other options available and a nursing home is the only solution.

In this article, we will give you 3 reasons why nursing homes are so important for your loved ones and why Glen Island Center of Nursing and Rehabilitation should be your number #1 choice.

Nursing Home in New RochelleConstant Watch of Your Loved Ones To Keep Them Safe

If you’re at work, it is obviously difficult to watch your loved ones at your home where their safety is paramount. Here are other reasons why having them stay in your home can no longer be an option:

  • If your doors and windows are not being locked regularly, strangers can easily come into your home.
  • Your loved ones who may be suffering from dementia cannot discern if someone is a friend or foe if they answer the door.
  • They are easily influenced to give away important information such as bank accounts and social security numbers if they talk to scammers on the phone.
  • They could slip and fall in your home potentially causing very serious injuries to themselves.

Provides Proper Nutritional Care

This is one of the important reasons for having your loved ones enrolled in a nursing home in New Rochelle. They need proper nutritional care on a daily basis.

When your loved ones forgets to eat their meals or are eating foods that are unhealthy for them, their skin and overall health can begin to deteriorate rapidly.

Once your loved ones get on a nutritional plan with a nursing home in New Rochelle that’s healthy, you will begin to see them rejuvenated and feeling like themselves again.

Nursing Homes Provides Proper Health Care

Nursing homes provide doctors who can visit your loved ones daily. Also, nursing homes provide outside visits for dental care, optometrist, and other Health Care Specialists.

If your loved ones are living in your home, there’s no way you can make sure they have these vital medical services in place.

With a nursing home in New Rochelle, it is their job to have a staff that can organize these medical services for their residents.


Now that we’ve given you 3 reasons why nursing homes are so important for your loved ones, you can make the right decision to enroll them into Glen Island Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation, the number #1 nursing home in New Rochelle.

Here, we provide excellent nursing care for your loved ones such as short-term rehabilitation care, respite care, dementia care, and other services.

Our philosophy is to provide high-quality nursing care in a trusting and comfortable environment. We treat every patient as if they are a part of our family.

Get in touch with us at (866) 614-4398 and/or email us at today!


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