Dementia Care in New Rochelle NYThe endeavor of most individuals is to enjoy the latter part of one’s life, retiring to comfort after working so hard during one’s middle-age years. However, our bodies get tired. The weakness of the body’s immune system leads to the occurrence of different conditions and sicknesses with dementia a common illness fast plaguing the elderly these days. A person with dementia slowly loses the capacity to care for themselves and the burdens of responsibility rest now on the immediate family members. This soon becomes a full-time job taking care of the lives of their elders. This is where Dementia Care homes come into play. Once you’ve reached the conclusion that you must find a home for your elder who is suffering from dementia.  Finding the perfect home for Dementia Care in New Rochelle NY can be difficult. Luckily, we are here to help you choose an appropriate care home for your loved one.

Types of Care Homes

Some care homes are registered to provide personal care, which means they will provide assistance with activities such as washing, dressing, and eating. In homes that are registered to provide personal care, staff will have had specialist training in dementia care. Other homes have a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day, registered to provide nursing care although the nurse might be a mental health nurse.

The specific type of home that is required will depend on the general health of the individual. Two-thirds of care home residents in the UK have some form of dementia, so the primary goal of the care home is to provide dementia care.

Providing excellent care can increase the quality of life of a person with dementia. Many care homes already provide a stimulating atmosphere providing quality of life for people in all stages of dementia. In fact, we should all have much higher expectations of the quality of life that can be experienced by people with dementia in care homes.

Here are a few things to look for when finding the right home:


Convincing an aging parent or loved one to live in a care facility can be a challenge for many reasons. One of which is their fear they won’t see their loved ones anymore. It’s a good idea to look for a care facility in your loved one’s locality where they have family and friends who can visit.

When visiting prospective care homes and being shown around, take notes especially of the following criteria:

The Staff

Check their qualifications. Watch how they deal with the residents. Do they seem caring and compassionate? Your loved one’s well being will be in their hands 24/7. You need to be convinced that they are receiving the highest level of personalized and specialized treatment.

The Residents

Are they properly dressed and clean? Do they seem reasonably content (keeping in mind the illness they are battling). Are they well supervised or are they left to wander around looking lost?


One of the most common reasons why people shy away from care facilities is due to the perception that the cost is beyond affordable. Granted this is a significant investment, but it is very possible to find a facility within your budget without compromising on the level of care your loved one will receive there.

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