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Why Glen Island's Long Term Nursing Facility?

The customized, individualized health care management approach will include, as needed:

The overall success and safe return to the community is the goal of all of the professional staff members of GICNR.

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Long Term Nursing Facility

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Glen Island Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation provides long-term care to meet the health and personal needs of individuals who are chronically ill or disabled with on site nursing homes. Individuals who have experienced or countered a complex health situation or have taken on a condition resulting in difficulties on a medical level will be able to be taken care of by our highly compassionate as well as trained staff throughout their entire time at our facility. Over the past couple of years, we have established a culture that is built on compassion, making GICNR one of the top Nursing Homes in New Rochelle, NY and the Westchester area itself. And, in a word, compassion is the primary reason why families select Glen Island Center and are delighted with their decision. We understand how stressful it can be for your loved one to move to a different location other than “home”, however, we can assure you that they will feel at home in just a short amount of time. By providing seniors with a wonderful state of the art facility, grounds that can be enjoyed at any time, and trained and licensed professionals have the knowledge to help manage your loved one’s care, are essentially proving our dedication to providing you as well as your loved ones with the best care possible.

Living Assistance

We understand that seniors tend to sometimes struggle to fulfill everyday tasks if their condition is worsening or simply if they are physically having trouble. Within our nursing home we promise you that no matter what time of the day, there is always a member of staff on hand to help with any tasks that your loved one is having difficulty with, including dressing, bathing, drinking, and eating so that they can help them make sure they are still maintaining that everyday norm with ease!

Specialized Healthcare

Some older people have complex medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, which family members may struggle to cope with. Our nursing home staff are trained and experienced in all manner of health conditions and can provide the help and assistance that is required. A team based healthcare approach is also utilized so that different medical workers on site including registered nurses and nursing aides can work closely together in order to determine the best clinical care solution for the individual as well as different formal activity programs for the individual throughout their time with us.  


Within Glen Isle Center’s nursing homes, we provide activities that look to further promote socialization among all our residents as we believe it can help individuals de-stress and hasten any disparities they may be struggling with. Many of our senior citizens are continuously encouraged to mingle with their peers as we offer a variety of different social activities as well as outings to keep our seniors active, mentally stimulated, and to serve as a distraction for any burdens they may be potentially facing. The activities that are provided within our nursing homes range from outdoor dining, exercise, therapy, exercise classes to games to play with and simply just regular social gatherings as well. 


It is important for seniors and also seniors with complex medical conditions to be in a sanitary, healthy long-term facility environment as there is always the possibility for our living facility to undergo a minor bug or spread of a virus which is why housekeeping is necessary is key in preventing disease prevention as well. Our professional housekeeping staff ensures that bedding is changed regularly and clothes are always cleaned and pressed as sometimes these tasks may become increasingly harder with older age. Not to mention, a clean nursing home will also help prevent any potential injuries from occurring whether its slipping or even tripping on objects which might be hazardous.   

Relieving the Strain on Family Members

The modern family structure usually requires all adults to work, leaving insufficient time to ensure that elderly family members are looked after throughout the day. Knowing that your loved one is safe and well looked after in our nursing homes enables the rest of the family to take a step back and relax. We know that you may worry that there may be the potential for them to undergo a medical issue or emergency which is why if your loved one does in fact need to receive medical treatment, they will immediately be safely transported to their doctor’s office or hospital or the doctor will come to the facility itself. 

Long-term nursing facility services include: 

  • Nursing
  • Medical
  • Nursing Homes in New Rochelle NY – Patients are admitted under several financial programs, including Medicare/Medicaid or private insurance.  A deputized Medicaid worker is on premise to provide information and/or assist in the Medicaid application process in regard to nursing homes specifically. 

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It’s okay to feel somewhat guilty or saddened by the decision you may have to make but just know that it will make you relieved that your loved one is safe and is getting the appropriate care needed so that their dementia can be worked around to make their lives so much easier. 

Glen Island recognizes that everyone staying with us is an individual and deserves the same level of respect afforded to any other individual at our New Rochelle facility. As with all services offered by these nursing centers in NY, if you’d like to speak to our staff about any comments or questions you may have in regard to potentially having your loved one begin staying at our nursing home, you can reach us with the phone number which is (914) 636-2800 or send us an email at Additionally, you could also leave a comment through our contact form which is located at the bottom of our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you in regard to a potential consultation for you or your family member or simply to answer any questions that are still on your mind.  

In addition to our Respite Care in New Rochelle NY, we also offer long-term care at our nursing facility.

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