Our Leaders

Maury Flax, BA

Executive Director

Mr. Flax began working at GICNR in 2010. After graduating from SUNY, Albany with a BA, majoring in union negotiations and speech, Mr. Flax began his career working on the line level. He did a rotation through all departments, all shifts. This allowed him to gain a sense of understanding for each service department and the trials that a blue collar worker must endure to be successful. To this day, any employee facing a situation with their supervisor will first turn to Mr. Flax and know they will be received with a friendly, accepting ear. Mr. Flax was soon promoted to Purchasing Agent and became Executive Director in 2013.

Harry L. Wruble, MBA, LNHA


In 2014, Mr. Wruble joined the GICNR team as its Administrator. Mr. Wruble has vast experience in leadership roles within nursing rehab facilities. He has worked in the tri-state area as an Administrator, as well as a Regional Administrator/COO for several companies. His experience has added significantly to the quality of care provided to our resident population. Mr. Wruble has a BA from Yeshiva University, majoring in Economics and a minor in Sociology. He also has an MBA in Health Care Administration from CUNY/Baruch College & Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Mr. Wruble prides himself on never being satisfied with the level of service provided. He consistently encourages the staff to strive for higher and better results, providing more and improved programs, services, etc. All this is done to enhance the experience of our short and long term residents.

Eva Marie Fabian, BS, RN

Director of Nursing

Ms. Fabian returned to GICNR as Nursing Director in 2014. She had previously worked at the facility. Ms. Fabian also rose in the ranks from a Staff Nurse, promoted to a Unit Manager/Supervisor, then to a MDS Coordinator, Assistant Director of Nursing and then, Director. Ms. Fabian left her employ at GICNR to explore other venues but accepted an offer to return and assist in the continued growth of this facility. Ms. Fabian possesses a vast knowledge of how best to treat and provide hands-on service to our resident population. She is a teacher at heart and enjoys explaining, training and educating her staff on protocols and new innovations to advance the highest possible quality of care for those residents in our charge. Ms. Fabian prides herself on being a patient advocate and promotes the best possible plan of care for every resident. Ms. Fabian received her Nursing degree from the University of Santo Thomas.

Romeo Marimat, BS, RPT

Director of Rehabilitation

Mr. Marimat began working at GICNR in 2012 as a Staff Physical Therapist. In 2014, an opportunity to become the department director was presented to him and he accepted. Mr. Marimat is an extremely dedicated and hard-working individual. He personally assigns each therapy patient to a therapist that will best suit his/her needs. He is a consummate patient advocate, always investigating therapy methods that will assist and help the patient achieve their best, individual goals. It was under Mr. Marimat’s direction that GICNR became one of the few area facilities to provide services 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The therapy program is an integral part of the overall high quality services provided at GICNR. Mr. Marimat received his physical therapy education and training Silliman University, Philippines.

Lauren Ciuti, LMSW

Director of Social Service/Discharge Planning

Ms. Ciuti joined the staff of GICNR in 2014. She had previously serviced as a staff Social Worker and a department Director before coming to GICNR. Ms. Ciuti brings experience and a great amount of empathy. Her calm and assuring manner bring comfort to both the patients, and their families. She works tirelessly in ensuring that the short-term Rehab patients return home with the maximum allowable services to ensure their continued growth and success. Ms. Ciuti graduated from Concordia College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work. She received her MSW from Fordham University with specialization in working with older people and their families.